looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage


Lisa and Josh came back from shopping with a humming bird feeder. We have been seeing several of these cute little guys fluttering around our back yard, but there is not much for them to feed on at the moment. Most plants are dry and not flowering much in the heat, and the hummers that do show up tend to move on without hanging around. We've filled it full of sugar-water and hung it up in the trees in the back, and we're waiting for visitors.

We have a resident humming bird, but we haven't ever caught him using the feeder. He chirps and burbles and zooms around but expresses no interest in the feeder.


Derek packed up and drove back to Santa Rosa, taking Josh with him. Josh will be back on Monday and we'll spend some more time with him before he heads off back to the east coast, but Derek is back to school next week and we'll only see him at weekends again. Wah!

Meanwhile, we work on delivering another beta installation package this weekend.


The humming bird has found the feeder... I managed to get a picture of him, using up the last free shot in the camera. We took a few hours out of the day to put the film in for developing, and to see the movie _The Red Violin_. This film is a gem. If you get a chance to see it, I think you would really enjoy it! Is it just me, or are there just a lot of good movies around right now?