looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Memorial Day

Today was Memorial Day here in the States, and to celebrate we had lunch at a delicatessan down the road from our old haunts near the temporary accommodation suites, and then went for a drive around the coast to take in some fresh air and see the scenery. It really was a perfect day... the sort of day where you just want to sit in the sun and bask in the warm Spring-iness of it all, and not think about how behind we are with our work and home tasks.

Yesterday we rented a truck and drove up to Santa Rosa to collect some furniture from the house - Derek will now have more storage space for his stuff when he comes and lives here for the Summer. That is getting to be quite soon now. After some lifting and lugging and loading and unloading, we felt quite stiff today anyway, which probably contributed to my desire to remain motionless for a good part of the day.

The FoxPro Developers Conference at which we are speaking is happening next weekend, and there is still some preparation we need to do for that. It will be at Palm Springs, which is in California but somewhat south of here. Karma will enjoy another stretch of hard time in the Cat's Cradle clink.