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Wofem's Bagels

54 High Street,
Business District
New Zealand

Until recently, Wofem's were rated number 2 in the "genuine bagel" scale. However, recently Wofem's were demoted to street cafe, second class, due to a certain incident a week or so ago. I won't go into details here, except that they couldn't get my order correct, then couldn't find me (even though I was sitting in plain sight) and then they ate my bagel for lunch. When I finally reminded them that I hadn't been served yet, they had another go, but still got the order wrong. I should have realised something was amiss when I walked in and found the familiar staff had been completely replaced by "bagel bimbos".

Despite this, they still serve the best espresso out of all bagel cafes surveyed. Favourate Bagel: Sesame. Recommended with turkey, cranberry, and mustard. (If you can get them to make it without stuffing up.)

Grade: B+

14.June.2000 Update:
Ron Roman reports: "Wofem's sold their shop at 54 High Street and opened another one at 50 High Street. Strangely, the 54 High Street shop still sell bagels, both NYBB and Wolfems!!!