looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Abes Real Bagels of Chicago

12-26 Swanson Street,
Business District,
New Zealand

These are the only people who I've seen selling _Parmesan_ Bagels. Weird! Abe's Real Bagels win a third placement in the ultimate bagel quest (which is not a bad thing. Remember that I am only listing providers of what I consider are "genuine" bagels (as genuine as you can get in this part of the world). Their bagels are at the opposite end of the spectrum from Wofem's. Light and airy. They offer Reuben bagels, which is good, but they don't use saurkraut, which is not so good. Also, even though their bagels are steamed rather than boiled (and normally this is grounds for disqualification), they make up for it in other ways. Bonus points are earned for their really great orange cake, and very good espresso.

Grade: C+