looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Back in New Zealand, Life goes on

Several people have contacted us in various ways to see if we have in fact arrived safely back in NZ. The truth is, yes, we have arrived back in New Zealand. We were pretty tired when we finally walked in the door, and immediately (after sleeping for a few hours) started dealing with mail, leaks, and the cat. And it has been pretty much non-stop since then. Non-stop real life, anyway, where nothing much out of the ordinary happens, and I forget to write to my family and friends because everything seems so normal.

I can't even really blame that fact that I only _today_ decided to merge the e-mail  files from my laptop to my desktop computer here. At least, I _could_ chose to blame my absence from the email ether on this fact, but it wouldn't be a very good excuse.

What has happened since we got back? The kitchen roof still leaks (can you believe it? argh) and we have some more furniture. Since we have many books and records coming in the shipment, we needed another bookcase. So we took the opportunity to get some more IDECO kitset shelving - three units. One bookshelf for the bedroom, and two speaker stands for the living room, that double as equipment lockers and record cabinets. And very smart they look, too, after sealing them with Pete's Patented Mix of 50/50 canola oil and turpentine.

I know we've seen quite a few movies with Mitchell since we got back, and he is probably the only one reading this who knows roughly what we've been up to since we got back. I'm sure he'd be the first to tell you that it is not worth hearing about <s>.

Seriously, to all those readers who wondered what had happened to us, I apologise for not updating. We're back, life is normal again, but I hope it stops raining soon.