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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Last Day In Seattle

In the morning, Sherri kindly drove us back out to the airport, and we bid farewell to her.

However, our trip was not quite over! A client of Lisa's had arranged to meet us at a hotel nearby the airport, so that we could get together and discuss their application. It was very interesting to meet their programmers and talk to them out the issues and problems they were having with the new version of Foxpro. I think they were happy and satisfied when we left.

The journey home was an interrupted one. The plane flew from Seattle to San Francisco, then from SF to Los Angeles, where we left the plane and switched to a 747 for the usual flight UA841 across the Pacific.

We had bulkhead seats on the jumbo! Wonderful. This meant that we had no-one in front, and I could stretch out and put my feet against the bulkhead in front of us. I slept quite well, and enjoyed one of the movies, but I have no clue what it was now.