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Visiting the Microsoft Campus

I'm sitting in the kitchen of Walt and Sherri's home in Seattle. We only have today and part of tomorrow here before we fly home to New Zealand. Today I think we will be going in to the Microsoft campus and meeting some people...

...and that's exactly what we did. We spent the morning walking around Microsoft offices, talking with people (some of whom I have not seen since DevCon in San Diego, of course). We had lunch while we were there, at Microsoft's corporate cafeteria. Great Coffee! Starbucks, of course.

After that, Sherri took us to a market near the waterfront. We spent several hours wandering around, looking in kitchen stores (we bought a bagel cutter and an icecream maker), and admiring the fresh produce, and other things. A bit like Victoria Park market, only on a grander scale with more variety.

After that, we drove back to the house for a while, before meeting Walt at a restaurant called "Shogun", for a tepan-yaki meal. For those of you that have not heard the term before, tepan-yaki is where you sit on stools around a big hot plate, and the chef cooks the food for you in front of you. A _lot_ of fun, and very delicious. The chefs are very clever, and toss their tools around and juggle with the food before cooking it, making quite a display as they cook.

After dinner we stopped off at a CD store - to use up what little credit remained on my credit card on rare and interesting CDs <g>. What a day!