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Going to Seattle

In the morning, we finished packing, and managed to show Kenny some of our photos that we didn't get to do the day before. Then we piled into Kenny's rental car and drove off down 101 to San Francisco.

Kenny decided to detour through the part of San Francisco where his old house was, which seemed like a reasonable thing to do. We did get to see it, and we also got to drive over the road that Steve McQueen's character in _Bullett_ drove over in the car chase scenes <g>. Then we discovered that the centre of the city was closed off for a parade...

We got to the airport after much weaving through city streets, and eventually got back on to 19 and arrived in enough time to hug Kenny goodbye (he was flying out on a different flight) and check in.

(Image from Keyhole Earthviewer, 2004-07-22)

The flight to Seattle was pretty amazing. I had no idea that there were so many volcanoes - enormous ones the size and rough shape of Taranaki - in the range of mountains between San Francisco and Seattle. We actually flew over Mount St. Helens, which was a real buzz for me. I remember my VistaPro program that would read geographic data from disk and display the terrain of Mount St Helens - both Before and After the eruption. I never dreamed that I would actually get to see it! it looks like an enormous chair now, with half its crater walls blown out. It used to have a ring of dead trees around it, I'm told, but now after several years (ten?) the vegetation is growing back, as it always does.

Mount Ranier is closer to Tacoma than Seattle, yet still it looms in the distance, quite the most huge volcano I have ever seen. It is an almost perfect cone, covered with snow. I kept thinking of Fist-Of-God on RingWorld, or some other-worldly place. Sherri's sister told me that sometimes it isn't visible at all, but it was a clear day yesterday and it was visible in all its glory.

Sherri picked us up from the airport and took us back to their house. We had salmon for dinner, and Walt completely thrashed me in a game of Go. He claims he has practised with a computer program, and used to play a lot. I'm sure he has played more than I have, but still, I was impressed by his skill.