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  amongst the irregular verbiage

Kenny and the Surprise Party

Kenny, the wind energy man, turned up the next day. He is an honourary brother to Lisa - I think they grew up together. (He was one of the people who were at our wedding.) It was good to see him again, and see pictures of his new girlfriend. It's serious, he tells us. She looks like a very interesting person in the photographs we saw. I hope we get to meet her in person some time. (This may happen. Kenny works in Boston, and Josh will be in Boston studying, so there is more than one excuse to visit <s>.)

We had a surprise party for Josh... All his friends were in on it, but we weren't exactly sure what form the party would take. As soon as Josh started mentioning that there was a special preview of the John Travolta movie _Phenomenon_ showing that night, we figured that all other plans were off and we would try to all go see it.

After a game of Cosmic Encounter (which was the excuse for why many of his friends were coming over) we announced "Surprise!" and threw cow-shaped confetti over him. He was totally surprised because his birthday isn't for a week or so. But it was convenient to have the party early, seeing as we were all here.

We piled into cars and drove to the picture theatre, and successfully bought tickets for all 11 of us.

The film was filmed in Sonoma county - you can tell! The landscape looked exactly right - yellow hills with clumps of dark green vegetation.

It was a pretty soppy movie, but really well crafted. I would watch it again, just to see Mr Travolta. He is really maturing as an actor, I think. He has always been a good actor, despite the weird movies he has been in. But recently he has been choosy about his roles, and I think he is making good decisions.

We came back to the house, and ate pizza, and said goodbye. We knew that in the morning we had to leave with Kenny for San Francisco airport, and we would not see the kids again this trip.