looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Intermission II

We flew back to to the West coast and got back together with the kids.

We've been staying at Hotel La Rose, which is an historic building in Santa Rosa. It is an old-style hotel, with minimal upgrading (ie cranky air-conditioning, and a lift) to make it bearable <s>. It has been very pleasant.

We got to see Lois and Michael again, who live in Sebastopol. In fact we had dinner there. Michael is a builder who really wants to be a musician, and currently is at a point where more of his energy is going into the music side, which is great to see. Lois has taken a job as a personal organiser/secretary for Micky Hart (one of the remaining members of the Grateful Dead. They all seem to live in Sonoma County <g>).

After dinner, we drove around the corner to Vera and Mary's. They also live in Sebastopol, and we really wanted to see them again before we left. (They are two of the people that Lisa interviewed for her Survivor project, and have become dear friends.)