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  amongst the irregular verbiage

A Busy Day In Vegas

Today some RAM should arrive for installing into Stan's computer. We are also going to give him a defragmentation tool for his HD, which we think would benefit from a bit of a cleanup.

Yesterday we managed to cram the following activities into our day:

  • We opened a bank account;
  • C, J and D played mini-golf before it got too hot, and then went swimming in an outdoor pool, followed by table-tennis;
  • We dropped Jeanne at the Mirage, and then drove to the Luxor;
  • We did the three adventure/VR rides at the Luxor, which were based around this concept that a strange Egyptian obelisk had been discovered with strange powers deep below the desert site of the Luxor;
  • we ate dinner at the Manhattan Buffet, which is located in the miniature town inside the Luxor pyramid;
  • we walked across Las Vegas Blvd to wander around the MGM Grand, which was almost too tacky to tolerate;
  • we had a supper of sorbet and coffee at a relatively tasteful restaurant in the gauntlet of shops and eateries somewhere in the middle of the MGM Grand;
  • we then walked back to the Luxor and collected Stan from the poker room, and drove back to the Mirage to collect Jeanne.

Most of us fell asleep in the car on the way home <g>.