looking for a few good ideas

  amongst the irregular verbiage

Intermission I

Las Vegas is a wonderful place for a holiday if money is no obstacle.

The last few days at Santa Rosa were spent packing up some of Lisa's stuff from the house. Pictures, books, and some games and cooking utensils mostly. It took quite a while to sort through the books to decide what to take.

We checked out our favourate food store - Traverso's - and found a small 375ml bottle of Quady's Essensia to take with us when we visited our friends Vera and Mary who live in Sebastopol, north of Santa Rosa. It was wonderful seeing them. We ate a delicious thai-style meal outdoors, and showed them the photo album we have been lugging with us. I also remember sitting on a recliner in the shade, and falling asleep.

We also managed to fit in seeing _Dragonheart_ at the theatre with Josh and Derek and Derek's non-girlfriend; Visiting Alan S. and family; and visiting Nancy J. at her Summer house in Jenner, which is where she goes during the hot season. This is of course _very_ close to the house where Lisa and I were married <s>. We didn't drive past that house or anything, but we did get to go walkies with the dogs Gilly and Franny and a very self-important French Bulldog called Toro, Mumphry, or Grumbler, depending on what he was doing at the time. He sounded and looked a lot like a pig with fox's ears!