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Berkeley Day

Today was Trip to Berkeley day. The idea was to shop for stuff, basically, and visit Noahs Bagels for pamphlets and menus for our bagel-baking friends at "New York Bagel Bakery" in Greenlane back in Auckland.

As it turned out, it was quite late by the time we left Santa Rosa. Mainly due to sleeping in, and making numerous phone calls to co-ordinate various future plans that may or may not happen later this week, we left around 4:00pm.

We hit Rasputins, the best CD shop in Berkeley across from Amoeba Records, and also Cody's Books - the best bookstore.  We found a lot of good stuff, as we knew we would <g>.

We then drove to Brennans, which is a sports bar near the on-ramp to the freeway back north, which is one of Derek's favourate eating spots. Great beef sandwiches!

We were going to stop off at a Whole Earth store which Lisa and I remember going to on our first visit to Berkeley together, but it must have moved because we couldn't find it. We were going to look both for 3M mouse mats and a warm jacket for Josh, who will be in Boston next year.  (Both of these items we would have found at the Whole Earth store...<s>).

We drove back to Santa Rosa, and watched _Johnny Mnemonic_ while finishing the Jellybeans. It was a terrible movie. Total crap. Avoid. Read the book instead.

Before we watched the movie, however, we watched some news (Channel 5 - Eyewitness I think) because of a preview of a news item ("Volcanic explosion down under!!!"). I figured it had to be a NZ story because Australia doesn't have any volcanoes <s>. We watched the entire news program before seeing the news item. Tagged as "Wellington, New Zealand" we saw pictures of the eruption, which could almost have been anywhere, but I suspect was Ruapehu - I saw the chalet, I think - but they didn't say anything, except that the ash cloud was 8 km high into the atmosphere.

More information, please! If anyone manages to video a reasonable length item from the local news, we'd be grateful.