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Josh's Graduation

Today was Josh's graduation day. He turned up here at about 7:30 to pick Derek up for school, and then came back here and had coffee with us and talked for a while. Then we drove to a church hall nearby to his school and joined in the graduation breakfast (they had bagels as well as other stuff, for those listeners who are waiting with bated breath for the news).

After that, Josh and the rest of his class went off to a rehearsal or something, and Lisa and I went shopping for food and other miscellaneous items, including sunglasses. I had not brought any with me, and I really need them here. The sun and sky are very bright, and it is almost essential to have them. We managed to find a cheap $15 pair that were pretty good before we encountered a Ray-Ban store, which was just as well. The way I go through sunglasses, it doesn't make sense to get a really good pair, even though they are cheaper here.

After grabbing some lunch and shopping at Trader Joes (A great store. Sort of bulk but really _good_ stuff - dried fruit, coffee, olives, oil, fruit juice, chocolate, and preserves come to mind in particular) we came back to the house to rest for a bit.

Then we drove to the High School for the graduation ceremony, which was held outdoors in the playing field! Seats had been set up and a simple PA system. At 5:30 the sun was still quite hot - I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and felt quite comfortable - but by about halfway through the ceremony - 7:00pm, although the sun was still fairly high, the temperature started dropping. A lot of people were wearing shorts and light summer dresses and stuff, which would have been fine for mid afternoon, but it was pretty cold at 8:00, when the ceremony finished. We got some good photos of parts of the ceremony - the ones with Josh in, anyway <s>.

After the general chaos that followed, the four of us - Josh, Derek, Lisa and myself - rushed off to Cattlemans, a steak house. Sometimes there is a waiting list, but this time we were lucky. We thought that lots of people - families of high school seniors who had just graduated, for example - may have had the same idea and reserved the place out, but no, there were plenty of tables free. As we sat there, we saw several other groups with red-gowned graduates <g>.

Tomorrow is Derek's big day at the synagogue. More on that as it comes to hand.