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2007 Archive

Welcome to '007
Doctor Huh
Future Imperfect
Obligatory Comet McNaught post
New hosting
We're back
Sugar Pet
300 and Dolby
Thomas Dolby and the Jazz Mafia Horns
Introducing Meepo
The word of the day: 'Sereptusnigrate'
A brief commercial break
Windows Reveals Too Much
A Little Generalizing
An alternative to checkboxes for logical fields in Grids
I Hate Knobs
I Hate Knobs (II)
The Value Slider (III)
The Toggle Button (IV)
Putting it all together (V)
Expression Web vs Visual Studio 2005
Colin Powell finds a conscience
Threatening Software
Transformers (2007)
So Pho, So Good*
Urinetown (LV Little Theater, July 2007)
No Reservations (2007)
Stanley Clarke (Ovation/Green Valley Ranch)
A moment of Fanboy
Amusing (1)
21 Again
Friday Cat Retro-Blogging
Stick Post
Review: K&K ProST Dual Channel preamp
The Yamaha Jupiter-8
The Cathedral of Hosts
Fugue Revisited
Tempus Fugue
A UI conundrum
Thought for the day
Final Fugue
Separated at birth?
Packing up for now
Not Packing the telescope just yet
Advancing Backwards
Ducks and Football (Eddie Izzard at Caesar's Palace)
Thanksgiving Season