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2006 Archive

Happy New Year
I wish I'd heard this
Fripp in Vista
A Letter from our readers
V-Vocal on a Bass line
Karma Update
Karma Update - The last one
A Gif from Get Fuzzy
Taste and compare
Unexpected Critical Error
Scratch that. Rewind.
Not so fast
What feature?
My new workspace
Observations on Right-aligned labels in VFP9 Reports
Mic vs. Piezo, Virtual Tonewheel vs. Rompler
Evolution is Just a Theory
End of an experiment
Sounds like WGA is getting worse and worse
Introducing Sophie
Strange Prodigal Update
Carl Palmer Band, House of Blues, July
SYS(16) and the Debug Info checkbox
My Precious
Hergest Ridge Lust
On Frequency
What's wrong with Vista
ARGB values using binary manipulation functions in VFP
The Aero Program Managers are on crack, apparently
Original Asia, House of Blues, Las Vegas
SONAR 6 arrives, Track Icons
Recovery Period
Windows Meh
Replacing the Korg M1's internal battery
New track, and SONAR color schemes
Oh Jeeze