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2005 Archive

A world of hurt
VB vs C#
Riverbend gets a dress code
Go Harry!
Karma's Valentine's Day Card
VFP OleDbDataReader and returning COUNT(*)
Um, actually, NO.
Essential Holdsworth
A new microphone
Google, IntelliTxt, and the nature of evil
Cuddle-bug goes for a drive
View from the West: Dear Condi
ASP.NET and impersonation trouble
Karma Health Report
A Tragic Death and other Tragic Deaths
Not the same old grind
Just add pasta
A Good Haircut
Symbols of freedom
Friday Cat Blogging
Bush = Lackey to big business
Chapman Stick + J-Station = Rocks
Looking for balls in the media
It's not partisan to call Bush a moron
The Ocatillo flowers
The Iraq situation is different how?
Riverbend: The Maelstrom
Working without a Fret
Revenge of the Dyslexic
Thomastik Strings
Glide Time
Ideas for Republicans
Karl Rove is a piece of ****
VFP: Exploring and Extending Report Preview
For your consideration: The Rising Sun
Must... control... fist-of-death
The War of the Worlds (2005)
COM Interop
Be careful with that cat, Eugene
I feel right at home
Techniques for alternate Report Previews in VFP 9.0
Pessimism is Positive
Why do report layouts in VFP9 need wider field/expression controls than in VFP8 and earlier?
Pardon me while I restore from backup
Juan Cole's Exit Strategy
Nut Replacement Surgery
Segoe UI, Segoe you be
Smart Roadster Trends
Trying to look on the bright side
Image manipulation and storage in C# - part 1
Inno Setup is a sweet piece of software
Extending the Report Builder's Multiple Selection dialog
The Picture Says it All
Windows Genuine Validation My Arse
Back from Seattle
Serenity (2005)
Toxic Audio at the Luxor
Structured error handling with NEWOBJECT errors
Spanish Article
It's that time
Lab Results
Tie a UI Ribbon 'round that old menu tree
Serenity Take 4
Could this be Zonker?
FONTMETRIC(), TXTWIDTH(), and screen DPI in Windows
Catching Up
King Kong (2005)
Creating Passionate users
PS: New Website
Windows Vista first impressions