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2004  Archive

The photo gallery is up
Obfuscated Spam: Welcome
And the moon will never be the same again
Relishing the vintage
But we knew this already
Weekend Blues
Stuck Soundtrack
A Review: Vernors
It's all about communication
That brown stain on the bathroom baseboard
Back to the Futile
In words of four letters or less
Somethings Gotta Give (2003)
What we learned from the Dean campaign
Gee, I sure wish I'd noticed this
The Singing Detective (1986, TV)
Winged Migration (2003)
Absence Explained
The Wait Continues
bradchoate.com: Moveable Type 3
The Blueshifter arrives
No swap file
Crosby Speaks
Bastille Day
Bush's War still ongoing
Leveraging CityDesk's keywords
Spam Report for July
I just flew in from Cleveland, and boy, are my arms tired
The Great American Bagel
Thunderbirds (2004)
Frameshift, "Unweaving the Rainbow" (2003)
Mandelbrot and Quantum Mechanics
Olympian Struggle
Erase and start again
Let the Games Begin
You're Welcome
Trip-Pop with middle-eastern overtones
Civil War in 2008
Bush I  - he had some sense
X-Prize has a winner
DevCon Report
Horror! She's gay
Big Numbers
Google + Blogger
Gatwick to London
Day 1 in London
Shopping in Oxford
Ethel The Aardvark Goes Quantity Surveying
In search of Hyde Park
A Plant on Elizabeth Street
Finding Neverland
Across the English Channel
The Sessions in Arnhem
Day 2 in Arnhem
Catching a Train
The Conference Begins
A Day Off
Another Day Off
The Second New Reality
More Sessions
Speaker Events
The Journey Home
The Musical Box, House of Blues, Las Vegas
Enough Already