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2003  Archive

First Post!
Packing Up
Introducing WonkaTech
Marty doesn'y want to say it
Last Call
Josh and the Hours
Enter Michiba
We investigate the new Toyota dealership
HotMail and Security
Spam Experiment so far
Health Insurance in a nutcase
Waning Crescent Moon
End of the month
Do you have a 27B/6?
Almost our anniversary
The Office
A Day Off already?
One Week Later
Another day off
Rabbit Proof Fence (2002)
Wonderful Weather
Working at WonkaTech
A Short Month
Neville Brothers, Cannery Casino, March 2003
Technical Moment
A Typical Day
DareDevil (2003)
The Spam Experiment - Results
A day off for repairs
Pruning and Burning
Baby Rabbit Spectacular
No Fooling
Meeting an old friend
A Different Kind of Work
Mattress Testing
Services and non-mailings
Lady Bug Extravaganza
Year Zero
More Ripping Yarns
Bend It Like Beckam (2003)
Preaching to the converted
Lady Bug Survey
My Spam Count is a little high
The Yeast is Still Good
Backing Up Is Hard To Do
Saturday Stuff
X-Men 2 (2003)
NZ Trip: Leavings
NZ Trip: Somewhere over the Pacific
NZ Trip: Approaching NZ
NZ Trip: Auckland is always humid (and other generalisations)
NZ Trip: Day 1 (for real this time)
NZ Trip: There's no such thing as a little Garlic
NZ Trip: Memory is no substitute for a Permanent Marker
NZ Trip: I wish I was in Wellington
NZ Trip: Family Time
NZ Trip: Hockey & Shindig
NZ Trip: Cosmic Hit
NZ Trip: The Kapiti Coast
NZ Trip: Laptop Shopping
NZ Trip: Day in Wellington, Night on Waterfront
NZ Trip: Winding Down
NZ Trip: A Very Long Day
Back Home
Wholly Bagels
Catching Up
Nevada Moonset
No Left Turn in Palm Springs
Recovering from DevCon
Computers of the Future
Hulk (2003)
Clear Skies
Our own personal cloud
Catching Up at Work
Catching up at play
New Hardware
Maximum Zeusage
Pirates of the Crab-eaten
Mars, the bringer of lack-of-sleep
On matters of size and shape
Monsoon Season, or The Sliding Scale of Cool
Should be an interesting month
Magic Seafood
Work Developments
Elizabeth and Teeth
A DWG is needed
Tripods and Haircuts
Mitchell arrives in time for dinner at Paris
Blue Monday
Red Rock Canyon
Cats get checked in to their condo
Driving to San Diego
Mount Palomar and the Out-of-Towners dinner
Josh and Anna get hitched
The Day After - Networking and seeing people off
Driving Back to Vegas
Resting Up
The upgrade continues
Lightning Over Vegas
Out for Dinner
Back to Work
Oh, the irony
Still no net
It was W32/Nachi, honest!
Bad taste joke of the week
Backyard gets a haircut
The Blue Diner (2000)
Work work work
Back in the saddle
End of a Push
Symmetry (two rows of four)
Catching up
The Cassini Division
Ozric Tentacles, "The Hidden Step" (2001)
The Evening Star Returns
Adding injury to industry
The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
Nearly Thanksgiving
Spam Count Update
Master and Commander (2003)
Bagel Bagel
USB conflict?
New Years Eve