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  amongst the irregular verbiage

2001  Archive

A Birthday
Little Rock Jaunt
Vegas on the Way Back
Quote for Wiring
Tony Levin and the CGT
We have an anniversary
Looking for local artwork
Noahs Bagels
End of Month wrap up
A Good Address
A Mortgage and Carpet
Karma gets a friend
A Weekend of packing
Carpet Premonition
15 Minutes (2001)
Final Walkthrough
Installation Hell Day
Back to San Rafael
The Grand Experiment Ends
No Food
Only fools pack 162 boxes
The Truck Arrives... eventually
The Carpet God is Angry
Installation Hell Day II
Ooooooooo go the blowers
Blessed Silence
Now we're cooking with gas
The Cats come back
There's yer problem, right there
License and Registration please
Baby I can drive your car
Good or Bad Friday?
Back to work
Cats Make Nice - at rabbit's expense
Carpet Update
Carpet Update 2
New York Bagel Bakery
The Dish
Three Planets
A Bridge To Cuteness
Preparing for Dallas
Travelling to Dallas - and what I did there
Day 1 of the training course
Dallas Day 2
Dallas Day 3
Dallas Day 4
Dallas Day 5
The Weekend
Memorial Day - but I'm off to Dallas
Dallas Day 6
Dallas Day 7
Dallas Day 8
Dallas Day 9 - Finishing up
New York Bagel Cafe
Einstein Bros Bagelry
Bagels 'n More
Sonoma Valley Bagels
Mars, Bringer of Doors
G3 Tour, House of Blues, 2001
Meetings and Leavings
Hot Saturday
Rice Pudding
Cat Suspects
Rain and Arrivals
Yes Symphonic, Sunset Station, Las Vegas (2001)
Jerrel and Michelle visit and consequently we don't see Spock's Beard
Stan has a birthday
Got me by the short hairs
That Square thing again
Another Lightning Storm
The Perseids Fail to Show
Late August
Striving for a more perfect grain
A Tale of Two Thermostats
September Blues
The Music Heats Up
Breakfast on the Mountain
Blue Man Group
Audio Hard Drive Hell
The Great Unconformity
K-PAX (2001)
Cat Trouble
The Usual Suspects
Invasion of the Lenoids
Tenaya Creek Brewery
Winter arrives
James and Sue arrive
Red Rock Canyon
Visiting the Strip
Quiet Weekend
D&T in Paris
Night of the Meatballs
Up with the Lark
Happy new year