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2000  Archive

Turn of the Century
New York Bagel Bakery
Gladiator (2000)
Manhattan Bagels
Dinosaur (2000)
MP3 pirates vs. The Recording Industry
Breaking up Microsoft
Steve Ballmer at the PDC
.NET and the real world
Heat Waves and Holidays
Yes, Concord Amphitheater (Masterworks Tour)
Impending Visits
When to use Interfaces
The Week of Stupid begins
At work in Little Rock
And how it ended
Cats and DVDs
Films and Concerts
Hollow Man
Crossroads (1986)
35th Anniversary Edition
Dinner at Frantoio's
Why Napster is bad
Space Cowboys (2000)
Dream Theater with Spock's Beard, San Francisco, August 2000
Palm Corp
Why static methods that instantiate
Visitors from overseas
Dilbertian Convictions
Tod and Tull
Vegas for the Weekend
Looking at housing developments
Choosing Options
Leaving Vegas
A static variable trap
Autumnal Murmerings
Night of the Living Stupids
I'll have the Red-Plate Special
Mitchell Arrives
Packing, and a Herbie Hancock concert
Great Northern
Shopping in Victoria, Visiting Vicky
Another Walk, then back to Victoria
Relaxing and Eating
Going Home
Burglary Aftermath
Business Trip to Houston
More about house plans
Ken and Alexa drop in
House Negotiations in Vegas