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About this site

So, you've reached (probably accidently) this little corner of my ego manifested on the web. Where to from here? Well, you can check out my occasional rants, read some technical programming articles, peruse my bagel reviews, even check out some music.

You can also read a little bit about me below, or if you're really interested, my résumé is also available.

When you've exhausted those avenues, if you haven't already done so, go check out Lisa's pages, my other (and better) half.

About me

Colin Nicholls is an Oracle Developer and Business Analyst at EC Wise in San Rafael, California. Before joining EC Wise, he lived in Nevada, where he worked alongside his partner Lisa Slater Nicholls. As Spacefold, they specialized in enterprise data integration using Visual FoxPro, Java, and XML. Prior to moving to the U.S. in 1999, Colin was development manager at Cornerstone Software Ltd in New Zealand for three years. He has contracted for the Microsoft Visual FoxPro team on reporting features, written technical articles for a number of international FoxPro journals, including dFUG's Fuchs; Cobb's Inside Visual FoxPro; and Pinnacle's FoxTalk. Colin has been a speaker at many FoxPro developer conferences, including Advisor Visual FoxPro DevCons in 2005, 2004, and the Microsoft FoxPro DevCon in Palm Springs in '99; dFUG's Devcon 2004 and 1998 in Frankfurt; FoxTeach 1996 in Toronto; and Ashpoint's 4th Australasian FoxPro Workshop in 1995. When he isn't programming or otherwise on duty, Colin enjoys recording music in his home studio, attending rock concerts, and cooking.